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High Tek

Large enough to meet your needs, small enough to care.

Did You Know We Offer PM AGREEMENTS On ISHIDA scales and HIGH TEK scales!!! Do you have a preventative maintenance plan in place for your fork lift? What about your Ishida Scale and High Tek Scale? Why have a maintenance plan for the equipment that takes the finished product away but not one for the equipment that creates it?

Are you tired of getting water inside your machine and not knowing why? Are you always having to replace load cells or circuit boards due to sanitation or production? Is your machine full of band-aids used to "keep it running"? High Tek offers a complete PM Agreement plan that ensures your fork lift will always have product to take away. We can come out to audit your equipment regularly to ensure your scale is operating at 100% and in factory new condition to ensure minimal down time caused by lack of preventative maintenance.

Whats included in a High Tek PM Agreement?