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High Tek

Corporate ideal

"The fittest of the times"

Companies that are accepted and needed by society will continue to prosper regardless of the nature of the times.

By listening to our customers around the world and anticipating their changing needs, we will continue to contribute to society by providing innovative, high-quality products and services.

Corporate philosophy

"Three Way Harmony"

"Good for our customers, good for society and good for our company."

ISHIDA strives to be a company that grows and develops through the combined efforts of its employees, earns the trust of its customers by ensuring their satisfaction, and contributes to a prosperous society.

Corporate slogan

"Providing immeasurable technology to the world"

Mission statement

"We, the ISHIDA Group, provide innovative solutions to customers all across the world and contributes to the creation of a safe, secure, and prosperous society."

Code of Conduct

Acting in perfect harmony: Together, we can achieve anything

We will accept each other and create an open workplace with good communication so that we can do our best to achieve our goals as a team.

Three Actuals Philosophy: Respond to expectation by knowing the facts

Go to the actual site, check the actual products and see what is actually happening.

Speed! Speed! Speed!: Speed is vital in this day and age

We will adapt to the changing world by honoring our skills to act prompt and meticulously, whilst placing priority on relationships with customers.

Integration of wisdom and virtue: Rounded characters with specialist knowledge

We will strive to become respected and trustworthy individuals, and professionals in our fields of specialization.

Aspirations and a step forward everyday: Where there's a will, there's a way

We will make daily progress, no matter how small, and strive with passion toward our unshakeable dreams and goals.